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Easy Spirit Aubree E9beAHDHp
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With Flyway all changes to the database are called migrations . Migrations can be either versioned or repeatable . Versioned migrations come in 2 forms: regular and undo .


Versioned migrations have a version , a description and a checksum . The version must be unique. The description is purely informative for you to be able to remember what each migration does. The checksum is there to detect accidental changes. Versioned migrations are the most common type of migration. They are applied in order exactly once.

Versioned migrations

Optionally their effect can be undone by supplying an undo migration with the same version.

undo migration

Repeatable migrations have a description and a checksum, but no version. Instead of being run just once, they are (re-)applied every time their checksum changes.

Repeatable migrations

Within a single migration run, repeatable migrations are always applied last, after all pending versioned migrations have been executed. Repeatable migrations are applied in the order of their description.

By default both versioned and repeatable migrations can be written either in or in and can consist of multiple statements.

Flyway automatically discovers migrations on the filesystem and on the Java classpath .

To keep track of which migrations have already been applied when and by whom, Flyway adds a schema history table to your schema.

The most common type of migration is a versioned migration . Each versioned migration has a version , a description and a checksum . The version must be unique. The description is purely informative for you to be able to remember what each migration does. The checksum is there to detect accidental changes. Versioned migrations are applied in order exactly once.

versioned migration

Versioned migrations are typically used for:

Here is a small example:

Each versioned migration must be assigned a unique version . Any version is valid as long as it conforms to the usual dotted notation. For most cases a simple increasing integer should be all you need. However Flyway is quite flexible and all these versions are valid versioned migration versions:

unique version

Versioned migrations are applied in the order of their versions. Versions are sorted numerically as you would normally expect.

Flyway Pro

Undo migrations are the opposite of regular versioned migrations. An undo migration is responsible for undoing the effects of the versioned migration with the same version. Undo migrations are optional and not required to run regular versioned migrations.

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May 24, 2018 05:27

Fashion platform Lyst has forged a strategic partnership with the world’s largest luxury conglomerate as the e-commerce market heats up.

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May 24, 2018 05:27
Lyst founder Chris Morton | Source: Charlie Surbey
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May 24, 2018 05:27
May 24, 2018 05:27

LONDON, United Kingdom — Three years ago, Groupe Arnault, the family office of LVMH chairman and chief executive Charles By Charles David Haley Ruffle Sandal z69CQREAsG
, joined venture firms Accel, Balderton and others to inject $40 million into fashion search platform Lyst.

LONDON, United Kingdom —

Now, Lyst and LVMH are deepening their relationship with a new round of funding led directly by the French luxury conglomerate.

Lyst is raising $60 million of whichLVMH has contributed roughly 45 percent, according to market sources. The round is closing in two parts, each worth $30 million. The second closing is currently being finalised. As part of the deal, LVMH chief digital officer Seychelles Quiet the Mind pvrnLhTECQ
will join Lyst’s board.

Before this latest investment, Lyst — essentially a digital shopping mall that aggregates millions of fashion products from brands, department stores and boutiques under one virtual roof — had attracted $60.5 million in funding, putting the total sum the company will have raised to date following the completion of the current round at about $120 million.

Lyst hit a gross merchandise value of $325 million in the year to March 2018, according to the company, and Morton said gross merchandise value is “approaching half a billion dollars this year.”

The business takes a commission on sales, implying actual revenues of much less than that. In the year to March 2018, Lyst generated $21 million in net revenue. The platform became EBITDA positive in December 2017 and was “very close to EBITDA break even for the whole year,” said Morton.

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